J: So, what’s your show’s about?

C: It’s about a lot of things...money, life...


J: Mmm-hmmm. 

C: I mean, how to condense years into sound bites, mama?! I’m a maven. A wizened sage. I’m funny, though. I do impressions.

J: Ok.

C: Be prepared for some saucy stuff. This ain’t yo’mama’s money-talk. And this certainly isn’t my television show, which was soooo 2008...

J: Keep going...

C: It boils down to us being human beings. Humans who come with piles and piles of biases and weaknesses and baggage—like enough baggage for a month-long cruise through four climates.

J: Colorful.

C: Well, I am full color, baby! *sings theme song for ‘In Living Color’ while chair-dancing*

J: (eye roll)

C: Seriously though... I was in the world of money-advice for two decades. Had a daily show, magazine columns, books, the works. I built a solid consulting and speaking business that I’m very proud of, was even a professor on faculty, (not adjunct, yo). I’ve got hard core nerd receipts. But, my creative soul needed a turn at the wheel. So, I wrote some novels, developed a pilot, advised and invested in some amazing women-owned businesses and loved my little girl to pieces, always. And, it brought me right back to this. Having a show again. This time, it’s on my terms. We’re talkin’ no holds barred, some change-your-life-shit! 

J: Love it. But do you want to watch the language...?

C: I love language. All the language. I am a wri-TOR. 

J: *blink blink*

C: Fine. But no promises! Carajo.

J: Thank you. So what else can folks expect on ‘The Carmen Show’?

C: When I was twelve, I decided that I would grow up to give advice and tell stories. So there you go, Miss Know It All from day one. I give you hard-earned wisdom and answer your questions. But, I also know what I don’t know. And for that, I bring on amazing, brilliant, women, (mostly), who are not afraid to get their hands dirty digging into this thing called life, and our money. 

J: So, you’re going to get dirty? Har.

C: Señorita... Think, soil. We’re gonna grow some shit. 

J: *ahem* Ok. Give me a 1, 2, 3 of what you believe in. 

C: Listicles be damned, but here you go: 

Uno. Equality. I am an ally for all people who are marginalized. And there is no true equality if we don’t have an equal say in our money—not just with equal pay, but in what we do with what we have or share, and, we need equal access to tools and opportunities. 

Dos. Know thyself. To know yourself is to know your money, your weak spots, your hang ups, your pluses, your gifts, your superpowers. To know yourself is to move forward, always.

Tres. No apologies. Do not be sorry for being smart as hell and fabulous. Do not be sorry for making choices that work for you and not others. Do not be sorry for putting you and yours first. 

But do apologize when you’re late because damnit, if you ain’t ten minutes early, you late, and time is money and everyone’s only got so much of it...

J: Something tells me you could go to twenty...

C: Definitely. But for that, you’ll just have to listen.