Carmen is founder and CEO of Malecon Productions and host and creator of the podcast, “THE CARMEN SHOW: Life, Money + No Apologies”. An advocate, Carmen develops female-focused media and entertainment and is an investor and advisor to female-owned and led companies. She also serves as vice-chair of the board of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and is a board member of the Futuro Media Group, which includes “Latino USA”.

Carmen is the former co-creator and television host of ‘On the Money’ on CNBC and was a national advice columnist for Glamour, Latina, Essence, Men’s Health, and Good Housekeeping, as well as an editor at MONEY magazine. She spent years as an expert with NBC’s TODAY Show, MSNBC, CNN, CBS This Morning, ABC’s The View, and has written for The New York Times and ‘O’ magazine. A member of President Obama’s ‘Business Forward’ initiative to further African-American, Latino and Asian business owners, Carmen was a faculty professor of behavioral  economics at New York University and is the author of two best-selling financial advice books, including The Real Cost of Living. A seasoned speaker and moderator, Carmen is also the author of a series of novels and lives in Manhattan where she is proud Mami to a talented tween.




Carmen Rita Wong, uncensored, digs into big issues with wit and wisdom. Guests are leaders, thinkers and creators. All bets are off. Because it’s Carmen’s show.



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More About Me


I am most proud of:

  • Raising my amazing daughter, ‘B’, as a single parent while keeping my sanity, mostly. 

  • Serving as vice-chair of the national Planned Parenthood Federation of America (I mean, equality, amirite?!), chair of the national nominating committee and member of the search committee to find the newest President of the organization in 2018.

  • Being the daughter of immigrants and the first female in the family to get a college degree, a graduate degree and then, a professorship.

  • Being a part of President Obama’s White House initiative for minority business owners.

  • Having my own daily, national, TV show. I not only hosted it, but was a writer and producer. The premiere one-hour show was made with only four of us on staff. We did our best. That show kicked my ass more than I’d ever thought my ass could be kicked. And I had a Latin mother.

  • It was satisfying (if sleep-depriving) to be a regular for years on the morning shows I grew up with like, NBC’s The Today Show, and CBS’s ‘This Morning’. And ABC’s “The View” was never a dull moment.

  • I did a talk show pilot with Paula Deen once. It did not go well. But, I’m proud of how I acted.

  • I was an expert lifeline on ABC’s “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” That was cool, and Meredith Vieira is a joy.

  • My monthly advice columns in magazines like Glamour, Latina, and several more, were great, but can we please forget about the photo shoots? Thanks.

  • My novel series, “Never Too Real,” was born out of not seeing complicated, successful, Latinx women of all colors and identities—like my amigas—on the page or, on screen. One day I hope Magda, Cat, Luz and Gabby will be on screen too. 

My weaknesses:

  • Fashion magazines. Back in the day, I once ate Cheerios and $1.50 wonton soup daily for a week so I could afford all the September issues.

  • Chocolate. Period. End of story.

  • ‘90’s hip-hop and R&B.

  • Pop culture in every form.*the word ‘culture’ is in there so...

  • Aesthetics. What? I’m Latin.

  • I buy too many books.